Coordinators: All the students of VIIT

Target Participants: MBA I and MCA I students

No. of Participants: 90
Venue: VIIT Auditorium
Time & Duration: 2.15 am to 8 p.m.

Objective: To welcome the fresher’s of MCA and MBA in the family of VIIT

Outcome: Students of MCA I and MBA I year were familiarized about members of VIIT and they mixed up with their seniors. A healthy discussion among students of all the students of MBA and MCA took place. The senior students mingled with the new comers making it convenient to comfort them in the environment. Programme ended with dinner.

Conclusion: The program concluded with vote of thanks. Students expressed happiness over the programme. Students of VIIT planned & organized the Fresher’s Party in a very disciplined and professional manner along with dinner.