Research Center

Research Center: Recognized Research Lab.

The objectives behind starting of research centre are; to create insight in learning a new what is already known and not known as well as to encourage authentic attempts to leverage competent work place efforts by way of quantifiable and qualitative findings through research contributions.  VIIT got permission from University of Pune for starting of research centre under the faculty of Management in 2012-13. The Research center’s recognition is continued till 2025.

VIIT also had a peer-reviewed research journal known as VIITRJ bearing the ISSN number 2278 – 6112 where all international researchers, corporates, faculty members, students contribute through their research papers.

Now that research papers are rare in no.s and these journals are being published online, Institute is planning to obtain permission for publishing online journal effective next academic year.


Current details of Ph.D Guides at VIIT Baramati Research Center

(A) Posts Name of the Staff Appointed Full Time / Part Time/ Visiting / C.H.B. Subject
I/C Director/   Professor & Research Head Dr. Sateeshchandra P. Joshi Full Time Human Resource Management
Associate Professor Dr. Santosh Parakh Full Time Computer Management
Associate Professor Dr. Rupendra Gaikwad Associate Guide Marketing Management
Associate Professor Dr. Avinash Ganbote Associate Guide Organizational Management
Assistant Professor Dr. Chandrakant N. Dhone Associate Guide Production Management
Assistant Professor Dr. Amit Madhukar Hole Associate Guide Human Resource Management


Ph.D Research Student at VIIT Baramati Research Center

Sr. No. Name of Student Category Subject
Date of
Marketing Management – Guide Dr. Rupendra Gaikwad
1 Ranaware Sandhya Chhabanrao Open Marketing 09/01/2015
2 Tambe Prakash Ramdas Open Marketing 16/3/2018
3 KHOMANE YOGESH NIVRUTTI Open Marketing 16/3/2018
Human Resource Management – Guide Dr. S. P. Joshi
4 Shende Vrushali Ramchandra OBC HRM 19/09/2014
5 Garad Madhukant Vinayakrao Open HRM 16/03/2018
6 Siddiqui Md. Saad Md. Iftequar Open HRM 16/03/2018
7 Ms. Karuna Nishanrao SC HRM Recently Transferred