Projects run by VIIT

  • FM Community Radio

Agriculture Information Dissemination System by FM Radio 

Agriculture is the mainstay of the India’s economy and 74.73 per cent of the people are rural. As much as 49 per cent of the land area is cultivable. Being capable of producing the best crops, India now seeks the role of IT based solutions for disseminating information on various agricultural related topics in villages of India. Unfortunately, information on market prices, weather, quantities traded, and other marketing-related matters rarely reaches farmers in developing countries. Farm radio would appear to represent an important way of overcoming this problem. This paper briefly presents a way in which the information can be broadcast to the farmers by the means of Local FM Radio channel. It suggests how radio stations broadcasting to farmers could offer agriculture related information.

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We propose to take up the initiative of RADIO MATHEMATICS PROJECT  through our community radio. 180 programmes will be produced and captive audience identified. Various radio formats as well as convergent methods will be attempted. Events and competitions will also be organized, recorded, edited and presented in a way that is attractive and effective. The programmes will be designed to suit the community around the radio station and we will ensure that the programmes reach them and easily understood by them.

The local communities will also be involved in developing and consolidating the programmes. They will be the participants in the programmes.


  • To create curiosity and interest among the school going children in Mathematics, remove the sense of fear and to develop them into taking them as career option.
  • To find out the efficacy of Community radio in creating an interest among the rural children and urban poor.
  • To increase the students’ basic level of Knowledge of the mathematics as a science and consolidate their knowledge on the fundamentals.
  • To expose mathematics, its applications and benefits to the local community.
  • To help the process of developing good curriculum for mathematics and mathematisation of students thought processes.
  • Developing the inner resources of the students and community to improve the clarity of thought and pursuing assumptions to logical conclusions.
  • To develop the right attitude of problem solving and develop the skill to approach all the problems in a systematic manner.
  • To develop activity oriented mathematics to help growing students and eventually increase the employability of the students.

  • Education through Mobile Van (COW)

Education Through Mobile Van

Today, India is vibrant with innovative ideas in the field of usage of Information Technology and is keen to see that the fruits of this new technology brings happiness into their life, which can change the plight of millions, who are deprived of knowledge about the strength of science and technology reaching at their door step. Most Indians live in villages and are still living with the curse of poverty and helplessness. So far, to reach them is a Herculean task. But, not today. Today VIIT is teaching them on wheels and giving them a call to awake from their sleep of poverty and ignorance. The knowledge of information is the magic wand in the hands of the staff of VIIT on the wheels, who are teaching the poor and backward villages into the place of their living and pulling them out of their homes to know about all of us and to know about them. The mobile computer vans of VIIT are not only providing computer education but also providing the basic knowledge component to kindle the minds of the sleeping millions.

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  • e-Content

e-Content for class V th – VII th of all subjects in english & marathi medium.

Total Schools covered from four taluka.

Daund – 25

Indapur – 25

Baramati – 56

Purandar – 25

Benefit around 30,000-35000 students.

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  • Community Health Management System (CHMIS)

The project conceptualized by four partners, aimed at empowering the health workers in the field, while improving their effectiveness in the field in screening and surveillance of their beneficiaries, thereby delivering improved care. The current scope involves 94 villages (300,000 beneficiaries) within the Pune district managed by 54 Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM), contractual as well as permanent. To focus on the Millennium Development Goal related indicators initially, we decided to focus on Ante Natal Care and Immunization tracking while not losing focus on what a health worker at a sub-center does while going out in the field.

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  • Multimedia Content

Multimedia Content is one of the many projects that VIIT have undertaken to address the problem of rural-illiteracy

VIIT has developed SCORM compliant multimedia content objects to teach the syllabus to the students between the ages of 10 to16.

  • Tele Diagnosis Project

“To harness the power of current and emerging Information technologies in providing second opinions for serious, complex and / or medico-legal (negligence) cases from the top super-specialists to patients through their local referring doctors anywhere the world.”