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Ours is a progressive institution, forever experimenting with ideas and making forays into learning. Scientific temper is inculcated amongst our students through various activities like project way of learning and lab experience. We started our work a few years ago with the basic objective of providing high quality education. The ultimate objective was human resource development, which alone can transform our economy and make it globally competitive. This institution has always tried to equip its students with knowledge and skills, which can be useful in the changing social and economic environment. While surfing through the website you will find many things about the approach and methodology of teaching, infrastructural backbone and facilities that empowers the students to explore the wonders of knowledge and learning. You will also find projects undertaken by VIIT for the upliftment of the rural poor in India and above all a vast series of programs and courses offered by VIIT.

Founder President Speaks

World is undergoing the unprecedented changes sweeping across all walk of life. The world environment poses challenges to the youth across the world.

Rural Youth has to equip itself with necessary skill sets to cope up with the fast changing technologies and managerial abilities as the world has become a global village.

The Educational Institutions have an important role to play i.e. especially in the area of socio-eco-cultural frameworks.

Founder President
Vidya Pratishthan


To be the lighthouse of academic excellence, by achieving a successful career in Entrepreneurship, business and research by imparting appropriate IT and managerial background, ensuring development of rural society through human values and work ethics.


To bring information technology and managerial skills to the common man of rural India and ensure that IT is for quality management education, Entrepreneurship, teaching-learning, research and out- reach services to serve the society.

Director Speaks
Our country is poised for an important phase in its National Life. The challenges faced by educational sector are multi-layered. These challenges encompass the whole organizational spectrum.

The Information Technology and modern management education have the problem of mass obsolescence. Today’s knowledge becomes obsolete next day. The cases are exemplary but new paradigms are also being coined.


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